Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Feliz Natal!

Bem vindos a todos! Feliz Natal!
Shout out to Sarah and the fam doin missionary work! Holla. Take those people to the Christmas lights already! Let´s get them in the groove.
Speaking of Christmas, we bought a tiny strand of Christmas lights and put them up on our house. Brazilians put up Christmas lights, but it´s nothing very exciting at all. I have yet to see anyone "go all out" American style. The lights always put me in a good mood though.
Our Christmas Conference last week was great. Everyone got a present: either a picture frame or a little alarm clock. I picked the frame! Pres. Oliveira talked about how we need to bring a present to the Lord for Christmas: in the form of a person or family getting baptized! So, that is our goal. I want to have a baptism on Christmas day. It was also good to see old comps and everything. Way fun!
This last week, we also had the baptism of Rhuan! Finally. He´s just a little kid, but we´re working with his family because they are really interested in the Church. His mom worked with Giovanni, member, and we started to teach them. Rhuan´s sister came to Church with us this Sunday, so she has a baptismal date set for this Sunday. Rhuan´s baptism was way cool because all of his family came (mom, dad, sister, baby brother, and cousin). THey really liked the baptism and said that they´re coming to Church this Sunday. We´ll be working with them. Also, Laura, Andre´s daughter (that old guy we taught), came to Church the second time. She doesn´t want to get baptized, because she feels like everyone is forcing her to get baptized. We explained to her that nobody is forcing her and everything, and we´ll see what happens. She´s reading the Book of Mormon, so hopefully she´ll get that answer or certainty that she wants.

 I want to make a family challenge! I challenge the family (and everyone else who´s reading), to bring someone to the Christmas lights or watch Joy to the World, with someone who has not yet had the opportunity to see them. Missionary work is the best! There is no greater present that you can give to someone than the gospel. Do you accept?
Have a wonderful week! Merry Christmas and ho ho ho! Remember the true meaning of the season, and may you have the best holiday ever!
Feliz Natal,
Elder Carpenter
Pics: X-Mas with President Oliveira, Rhuan´s Baptism, 3 liter Coke!, Irmã Domingas