Monday, January 16, 2012

1/16/12 letter

Hey Family Carpenter,

Happy Martin Luther King Day, and Happy Birthday to Jaimee!

Here´s the low-down on newbies: Elder Gomes, S. Santos (D. Souza these days), Menezes and Duarte are my direct children because they were with me during their first transfers in the field. But, the "true" training is now 2 transfers. So I have Elder Furtado and Stipanich who are my step-children because I was with them on the second transfer in the field. It´s so nice to have family in the mission because I "killed" my trainer (since he went home on that transfer) and the other missionary that he trained went home early. Geneology, are you doing it?

This past week was fun though! The weather in Cuiabá is going bonkers! Every day it´ll be hot for an hour, then it starts pouring rain, then it´s hot again. Every day. So one minute we´ve got our umbrellas out, and the next we´re sweating in the humid hot of the sun! But, it´s better than just straight up sun every day, so don´t think that I´m complaining. We taught plenty of people this week, but nothing too amazing happened. We´ve been teaching this young man called Lucas that went to Church, but he doesn´t believe that there is a true Church on the earth. He told us he wanted to get baptized in a river, which we would be more than happy to do, but doesn´t want "to be a part of any church." Some of his funky ideas have kept him from progressing as well. Then, we´ve been teaching plenty of member´s friends and relatives, but all of pooped out on us Sunday morning when we went to pick them up. "I was watching UFC til 4 in the morning..."

Good news: We got Matheus at Church this Sunday to get confirmed! Matheus is a 16 year old that got baptized in December but he´s been working late and whatnot, but he finally came back. He´s an awesome kid and works at an açaí place which is amazing. And we´re going with Hudney and Jacqueline this Wednesday to mark the day for their wedding. Things are happening!

Happy trails folks! Gotta go. See ya soon!
-Elder Carpenter

Brazilian Fact: Açaí is a super good Brazilian fruit!

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