Wednesday, January 4, 2012

1/2/12 Letter

Sadly, we´ve been running around all day and FINALLY I have internet access to write you. This last week has been cool beans and all. We´ve been visiting recent converts and members, since things have changed a bit since I was last here, but it´s still the same old Pedra 90. During the week, we´ve been teaching people and we had one investigator at Church. Her name is Luciana and she´s the 14 year old sister of Neide and Mara. They are two members of the ward who are awesome. You probably will see them in a picture of when I made cookies during my first run through here. They help out the missionaries a lot, and they´re excited to have their sister get baptized on Saturday. Things are getting along!
Elder Duarte is a awesome companion! He makes me laugh everyday. He´s pretty shy and quiet but has a really good heart and testimony. We´re working on getting to know each other better and that´s been important. I think he´s whiter than me and people always assume that we´re both Americans. Womp! And Elder Lira and Underwood live in our house and are awesome as well. It´s been awhile since I´ve been in such a spectacular house.
Gotta go! The gospel needs to be preached brothers and sisters! Until next week. Love ya!
-Elder Carpenter
Pics: Elder Carpenter, Duarte, Underwood, and Lira

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