Monday, January 30, 2012

1/23/12 Letter

Família Querida,

The piano player always gets "volunteered" to play in sacrament meeting which is fun. The members here have a simplified hymnbook, so that when they pick the hymns the day of, then I can actually play them without having to practice. Congrats on playing well at conference mother. The new stake presidency sounds excited and pumped to get things done. And it must be lots different with new stake members and activities to get everyone united. That´s sweet.

This last week was good, but sadly we didn´t get our couples to the marriage place. One of them has started studying from 7 in the morning til 7 at night, which doesn´t give any time to go get married. And the other ones have been working a lot and Jacqueline has been sick and going to the hospital. She has diabetes and sometimes has strong attacks. But, we´ve been looking for new people to teach because everyone has been kind of taking us for a spin. Lots of people in Pedra 90 are pretty humble so they always say yes to everything and mark for us to teach them, but that´s just because they were being polite. Womp. So we´ve been visiting lots of people including a new family! The dad´s name is Nelson, and he has a wife and a few daughters (one of which came to Church). He has a problem with drinking, but we´re helping him stop. And he has some funky Bible questions that he asks us, which we are glad to answer. He´s a cool guy and really liked Church. We´re going to visit them tonight. But, things are going well. Elder Duarte and I are teaching well and having lots of good experiences together. Our zone played volleyball today, so that was exciting. Now we´ve gotta go buy some food to stock up the fridge. Have a fantastic week folks! Last call for Brazilian items as well. Just let me know.

-Elder Carpenter

Fotos: Irmã Domingas and her granddaughters who made lunch for 8 missionaries last P-Day!

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